What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the process of gaining brand or business exposure using web-based and mobile-based technologies to generate instant, updateable and shareable content that is informed and driven by consumers.

Social media marketing allows brands to be personal. Marketers have a voice or a way of communicating with peers, customers and potential customers. Marketers are able to adopt a more personal approach to customers. Social media marketing has minimal costs however labour time and effort is an important input in order for it to be successful.

Services Offered

White Water Media is capable of taking care of all your digital marketing needs. White Water Media is the cost smart alternative to hiring a social media manager in house. Durban based, we serve clients in South Africa. We work with the following channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest
Facebook is a social media giant. In South Africa Facebook have 13 million users, 10 million of which are mobile users. There are different categories of social media such as blogging, micro blogging, social networking, social bookmarking, multimedia, reviews and opinions and wikis. Facebook falls into the social networking category.

Through Facebook brands and businesses have an opportunity to engage and interact with a niche online community through fan pages and secure new business and members by way of Facebook advertising.

Facebook has the following marketing features:
• Like, comment and share button
• Hashtags
• Video and photo integration
• Public broadcasts and news feed system
• Promote, highlight and star features
• Targeted audience and advertising
• Sponsored stories and recommendations from communities
• Create offers
• Visual branding elements
• Content syndication and scheduling
• Insights and measurement features
• Mixed media capabilities
• Search option
Instagram falls into the multimedia category. It cuts through the noise of text marketing and encourages user generated content.

Instagram has the following marketing features: • Search option
• Widgets for display on other websites
• Advertising
• Promotion tools
• Sharing tools
• Commenting features
• Rating and favourite tools
• Statistics and data tools
• Engaging and entertaining, shareable medium
Twitter has over 115,000 tweets per day in South Africa. Twitter falls into the category of micro blogging which offers brands short-form blogging opportunities to engage with their audience online. An advantage of using Twitter is real time capabilities and mobility.

Twitter has the following marketing features:
• Business profiles
• Multiple profiles
• Visual branding elements
• Video and photo integration
• Real time news feeds
• Content syndication
• Hashtags
• Search option
• Retweets
• Favouring
• Advertising
• Access to influences
• Access to key industry role players
• Interaction and conversation monitoring
Pinterest falls into the social bookmarking category. Users can collect links to useful content that can be seen and shared by others. The advantage of using Pinterest - it acts as a traffic driver to your website and desired landing pages. It creates brand awareness and has the ability to engage fans around your image-rich content.

Pinterest has the following marketing features:
• Visual branding elements
• “Pin it” button for easy sharing
• Option to follow and be followed
• Integration with other social media platforms
• Showcasing visual content
• User- generated pin boards
• Consumer insights
• Video gallery capability
• Tagging
• Image bookmarking functionality
• Ability to create private boards that can be shared with selected individuals
• Advertising


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